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How tiles in different materials should be maintained
Mar 21, 2020

1, glazed brick

Glazed tiles are now very common in kitchens and bathrooms using bricks, maintenance taboos are less. Year-round moisture may have moss marks or rust, it is recommended to buy a special cleaning agent, as once scraped and keyed with a knife, it is extremely easy to damage the enamel of the surface.

2, through brick

The surface of the whole brick has a lot of small holes, once used to have a color liquid, such as tea, fruit juice sprinkled up, it is easy to penetrate down, resulting in traces can hardly be completely removed, so the highest principle of the overall brick maintenance is to stay away from the "dangerous" colored liquid.

3, glass brick

Glass brick added a thin layer of glaze, such as glass texture, this layer of glaze thin and transparent, but easy to be corroded, so the maintenance of the glass brick is to try to choose a neutral cleaning agent, because once the glaze is corroded, the tile's gloss is completely disappeared, the loss of protective layer is also more easily dirty.

glossy tiles

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