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The Principle Of Tile Craft For Swimming Pool
Mar 16, 2020

Using the "squeezing" or "dry pressure" production process, the absorbent rate is very low, to prevent late cracking due to moisture absorption expansion. Disinfectants and detergents are often used in the swimming pool, the brick glaze must be chemically resistant, the decoration must be under the glaze layer, and the glaze layer is burned at high temperatures without erosion. In addition, there is sufficient mechanical strength to prevent pressure-breaking rupture. So it's not the same as a regular brick.

Before the paste of the diving pool, the competition pool and the training pool, the second deepening design must be the second deepening design of the brick layout, the second deepening design should consider the pool special brick layout and the bottom of the pool water treatment system of the distribution, drainage cloth water port and other pre-buried parts to coordinate, so the pool pool, competition pool and training pool pool special brick secondary deepening design layout is particularly important. After the design institute audit and approval of the second deepening design, will control and guide the paste of the three pools.

pool tiles(001)