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The Need For Proper Use Of Pool Materials
Mar 19, 2020

As we all know, water is a soft bed carrying bacteria and other microorganisms, and the average person swims in the water is dressed cool, therefore, a large area of the whole body with pool water and pool brick contact, bacterial infection and the threat of physical injury is everywhere.

In terms of, domestic pool brick enterprises will generally set the water absorption rate at about 2%, but the international high standard is less than 0.5%. The main reason for this gap is that there are differences in production processes and control levels between different enterprises. High absorption rate of pool bricks long-term immersion in the pool water, prone to empty drum phenomenon, in the long run will cause the pool brick off, which can easily cause visitors scratching events.

As far as fillers are concerned, because of the different environments, pool tiles are subject to long-term water immersion, even in the outdoor pool will be exposed to sunlight, so the building materials used in the pool have its uniqueness, so the pool selected tile glue must be the pool-specific filler.

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