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Pool Cleaning Can Be Summed Up In Three Ways
Mar 20, 2020

(1) One is to get the required water quality by removing some or all of the impurities from the swimming pool water: generally through physical means, the removal of visible suspended material in the pool water, generally has circular filtration, sucking. Pool sucking is a very important work of pool cleaning, pool cleaning is done by the daily filtering of water cycle to achieve results, but circulation filtering can not filter out the tiny particles, at this time we need to first suspended particles into the bottom of the pool, and then with the suction machine to absorb pollution operation. There are two main types of pool suction machines: manual absorbers and fully automatic suction machines.

(2) Second, by adding new ingredients in the pool water to obtain the required water quality: such as the water residual chlorine content requirements we through the release of pool disinfectant (meachloroisocchiric acid) to achieve, pH of high and low control by the release of tablet salinas or sodium carbonate to achieve. and the release of anti-algae agentto to eliminate algae in the water. These efforts are mainly achieved by chemical means - the addition of pharmaceuticals.

(3) Third, mentioned earlier when the suction machine absorbs pollution needs to do precipitation: first add water treatment reagents, and then through physical means to obtain the required water quality. When the swimming pool water through circulation or pollution does not achieve the target effect, it is necessary to first put a clarification agent, the appearance of saffron and precipitation, then use a suction machine for sucking, or put into the clean water clarification agent (it is not required to precipitate the clarification agent), after adding just open the cycle filter ingres splendor filter can be.

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